It is customary for new employees at Sevenoaks Trading to attend the first and next available Basic Green Bean course. I attended one in the week that I started working.

Apart from really enjoying meeting some new and some old Sevenoaks customers during the course, I thoroughly enjoyed the content and pace of the 2 days.

I think a course like this is essential for anyone venturing into a coffee business. You deal with everything from the history, growing, processing, shipping, roasting and brewing of coffee. The first day is quite theoretical, but the second day you get quite hands on with roasting, blending and cupping/brewing coffees. It’s such a great exercise, as you get to taste coffees from all around the world alongside each other, admiring the differences and playing with possible combinations. One of the most interesting sections for me was around different coffee varieties inside the Arabica species, this is a personal fascination.

My biggest take away from this course was a growing respect for the coffee producers themselves. Doing a course like this gives you a good overview of the effort that goes into producing the coffee that goes into our morning cup of joe.

The coffee industry is so vast, that I think it’s even worth doing this course to see where you would love to get involved, if you are not sure yet.

At the end of the day, coffee is the fuel of relationship, and as I mentioned a highlight was meeting others with a common passion and interest.

I would highly recommend this course!

– Andrew