Costa Rica, Central America

Region /Estate

Palmares, West Central Valley


Palmares Cooperative with 1350 members (Benefits include Healthcare & Financial support)


Bromelia Fancy SHB (Strictly Hard Bean)/EP (European Preparation)

Weight of Bags



Many small farms are united in cooperatives (founded in 1962) – 1351 members, with all benefits, including medicare, all coffee produced by members. Bromelia production since 1998


1,200- 1,350 meters


50% Caturra and 50% Catuai – shade grown

Harvest / Season

November to February

Annual Rainfall

1,800 mm

Processing Method

Wet Process (washed) - clean water – machine dried

Annual production

± 3,000 bags

Environmental aspect

Water recycling, no coffee waste (pulped cherries are used for fertilizer)

Economic aspect

105 permanent workers, 2 supermarkets, hardware store and farm supply as well as medical centre

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Cup Profile 

S54218 - Crop Year 2019/2020 - Fruited, cocoa powder notes in aroma. Juicy, stoned fruited flavour, sweet malic acidity with a clean smooth finish. 

S54219 - Crop Year 2019/2020 - Clean, red apple, walnuts in aroma. Clean, creamy with blueberry notes. Medium malic acidity and a creamy body 

S54220 - Crop Year 2019/2020 - Fruity-apple, walnuts in aroma. Creamy and smooth with complex berry notes and a lingering dark chocolaty aftertaste. Med malic acidity and excellent body

S56151 - Crop Year 2020 - Nutty, stoned fruited aroma. Sweet, chocolaty flavour, malic acidity with a lingering creamy body. 

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