Guatemala, Central America


El Morito


Jose Roberto Monterroso / Cafe Molido


Jalapa, Mataquescuintla


SHB (Strictly Hard Bean)/EP (European Preparation)


Washed Arabica

Weight of Bags



The farm has 672 hectares, with coffee making up 98.0 hectares, pasture land 50.6 hectares and a forest of 523.4 hectares


1,400 to 2,350 meters

Shade Trees

Inga, Gravilea

Average Temperature


Type of soil and predominant element

Loamy Clay

Annual Rainfall

1,750 mm

Harvest / Season

January to April

Drying Process




Annual production

633.33 (69 kilogram bags)

Cup Profile

S53797 - Crop Year 2019/2020 - Toasty, hints of apricot and hazelnut aroma. Stoned fruited flavour, cherry notes, medium malic acidity with a sweet lingering aftertaste. 

S53801 - Crop Year 2019/2020 - Roasted Almonds, hints of chocolate. Fruited flavour, notes of Marzipan with a malic acidic aftertaste. 

Farm Overview

The Morito farm is owned by the family since Monterroso planted the first coffee plant in 1979. The cherry is carefully cut and then passes to the wet process. The coffee is then de-pulped with recycled water. The coffee is later fermented in tanks for 10 hours and washed with fresh water. Depending on the customer’s taste the drying process can be done in two ways: the coffee is placed on patios to dry naturally or in a drying machine at 50 degrees Fahrenheit.

The family Monterroso also addresses social support to their workers and surrounding communities, so they actively contribute to the conservation of natural forests in the Mataquescuintla area, and work closely with neighbouring towns to provide health and education.

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