There’s definitely something about food, wine and coffee. Over time, the coffee industry slowly but surely became entangled in the exciting combination of the craftsmanship and technique, social interaction and the opportunity to create something that another person will experience in a unique and very personal way.

Sevenoaks Trading was invited to join Espresso Concepts to host a coffee event on Friday the 18th of May 2012.
With such a great crowd, Sevenoaks took the opportunity to broaden their minds about the coffee tastes on offer out there. Alongside the five origin coffees, Espresso Concepts also set up a full coffee brew bar, featuring Espresso Concepts different coffee blends, different espresso machines and a variety of interesting home brewing options.
Smooth chocolate tones in the Guatemala Antigua, and kiwi in the Malawi AAA, were two of the coffee origins that certainly ensured palates were awakened and sparked many caffeinated discussion.
The guests were intrigued by the coffee industry after their experience at the cupping station, the coffee roasting process and above it all, learning how to extract an espresso and pour a cappuccino like the baristas do.

Talking with Espresso Concepts coffee connoisseurs during the breaks and listening in on their presentations was incredibly inspiring and well-informed — and it was clear that this passion for their craft is being shown by some of the leading coffee professionals in South Africa.

Terry Wentzel, owner of Espresso Concepts, spoke about the importance of coffee sustainability, roasting and the final product, the espresso.

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