Sevenoaks Cupping Course 2011

Sevenoaks Cupping Course is designed to provide the student a “total immersion” coffee tasting experience. You can also take this course as a preparation to understand your coffee, and appreciate the flavours it has to offer.

This course will be taught by Sevenoaks experienced coffee connoisseurs.
The program is very suitable for beginners or for more experienced cuppers who want to refine their tasting skills.

We will train your senses with triangulation tasting sessions as well as with traditional cupping exercises.
In addition we will offer you a coffee palate development section.

We allow for sufficient one-one-one interaction with the trainers.

Cupping involves a systematic methodology of investigating the true nature of green coffee beans. This includes assessing the green beans, roasting and grinding the sample, evaluating the aroma during roasting and grinding and finally tasting the coffee.

Training dates will be posted on the training calendar!